A comparison of the glass menagerie by tennessee williams and rose colored glasses by elizabeth alex

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A comparison of the glass menagerie by tennessee williams and rose colored glasses by elizabeth alex

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November 12, at 7: I believe that this is Tennessee's way of showing that his life was quite bland and lonely. Tom, the narrator of the play, is the one that portrays the gloomy atmosphere the entire time. The way that he gets along with his mother really doesn't help to brighten the scene up any.

He angers her all the time by going out to the movies all the time, and that only brings about more negativity. It seems as if Amanda relies on Tom all the time to be the man of the household and provide practically everything for them. Tom knows that his sister, Laura, has a problem and he seems to be the one that is the most sensitive towards her.

Laura, though, is the one living in 'rose colored' glasses, and Tom is in reality, facing things as they come.

Laura loves Tom very much, and Tom loves Laura for who she is. Tom, to Laura, could possibly be viewed as the father that she never had, which is why she loves him so much because he takes care of her needs as they come along. Since Tom is always fighting with his mother, it is apparent that they are both fighting for dominance which is why they never get along.

Amanda basically tells Laura what to do, and due to her disability, Laura has to submit to her. Laura is also submissive because her disability has brought down her self esteem so she naturally feels inferior to Amanda.

Amanda, when fighting with Tom, is always the loser. Tom ends up either walking out on her, or yelling at her, or even calling her crude names sometimes a combination of the three all at once. Laura is, once again, submissive to everyone.

Even when Jim is talking to her, she is quiet and seems fragile with every movement. To me, she is an incredibly prude person in all aspects of life. She strongly believes that just because she has a disability she will never have a chance with anything or anyone again.

Jim, the final character introduced to the play, is the laid back, nice guy. I believe that Tennessee added this character to try and equalize the negativity with positivity. He is very outgoing and even asks Laura to dance with him.

After doing so, he tells her that she is very pretty and proceeds to kiss her, further showing his outgoing attitude. Amanda is generally frustrated throughout the play.

Tom never obeys her, nothing ever goes her way, and no one will get with her daughter. Even at the end, she is complaining to Tom about how he tried to make a fool out of them by introducing Laura to Jim.

Malinda, I agree with you when you say that Laura's state was pathetic. That really bothered me as well. Weak people who have a negative outlook on life really aren't anything to be around. They only bring you and everyone else they're around down and, eventually, make you feel the same as they do.

Tom was also my favorite character because of the reason you pointed out; he could tell Amanda the way things were whether she liked to hear them or not.The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams =Menagerie was Williams's first popular success and launched the brilliant, if somewhat controversial, career of our pre-eminent lyric playwright.

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A comparison of the glass menagerie by tennessee williams and rose colored glasses by elizabeth alex

Tennessee Williams was one of the outstanding American playwrights of the mid's. the hero of his play The Glass Menagerie (), Williams later escaped from the shoe factory where he worked. He wandered. Beyond Faulkner, playwright Tennessee Williams (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Glass Menagerie), author Robert Penn Warren (All the King’s Men), and others including Caroline Gordon, Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Katherine Anne Porter, and Allen Tate were classified as Southern Renaissance writers.

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The Glass Menagerie (Tennessee Williams, ). Partly based on Williams' own family, the drama is narrated by Tom Wingfield, who supports his mother Amanda and his crippled sister Laura (who takes refuge from reality in her glass animals).

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