A fine balance review

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A fine balance review

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Korean 65, Imported Total attendance: They are listed in the order of their release. In their first crack at romantic comedy, Sol and Jeon take on parts which, although lacking the emotional extremes of their previous roles, form the very heart of this charming film.

Sol plays a lovesick bank teller who can't get marriage off his mind. He records videos for his future wife, telling her how curious he is to find out who she will turn out to be.

When he meets a former classmate played by Jin Hee-kyunghe thinks he's finally found his match. Jeon, meanwhile, plays a teacher who works across the street from his bank. After a few accidental meetings, she works up the courage to ask him out, but is rudely rebuffed.

This is the debut work of director Park Heung-shik, who worked as assistant director to Hur Jin-ho for Christmas in August Content to revel in the ordinary, it lingers on unimportant details and its heroes' various A fine balance review.

Although at times this comes at the expense of plot, it imparts to the film a sense of honesty, as well as an unhurried pleasure.

By the latter half of the film we begin to feel quite intimate with the characters. Ultimately this movie feels like a comfortable old pair of jeans.

While it makes little effort to leap out and grab one's attention, viewers will be pulled in by its light humor and the way it makes its characters' lives feel so familiar. At the sight of that image, I immediately flashbacked to the top-grossing Korean film ofLee Jeong-guk's The Letter, since a tree had significance in that film.

The Letter, to me, exemplifies a melodrama gone wrong, horribly cheezy and forced. Still, it was successful at the Korean box office, so perhaps those in charge of marketing A Day felt an allusion to the imagery of The Letter would allow A Day to dovetail that film's success even though such a scene by a tree never occurs in A Day.

They are a couple who very much wants a child but have had trouble conceiving. When they are finally successful, with the help of modern medical technology, their fantasies about the family life they feel should emerge are challenged by further obstacles that arise.

The film becomes a story on how this couple processes their adversity and how it strengthens rather than weakens their bond. Thankfully, A Day does not end up being to the letter of The Letter.

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It comes close at moments, particularly due to the lesser performance of Lee Sung-jae who initially fails in making the playful moments that lovers share convincible. Still, Lee's character does grow on you, with the help of a confident performance by Ko So-young as his wife, and you begin to appreciate him more.

Most of the fights and intimate moments between the couple are believable and notable in what they convey about the growth of the characters and the moral dilemmas their predicament poses. The standout performance, however, is by Kwon Hae-hyo, the only tolerable presence in an excruciating film of the same year, O Ki-hwan's Last Present.

Kwon is masterful in his comic delivery in a small part as the manager of a store that sells baby items. As evidence of his skill, let me note that a smirk just emerged on my face while thinking about his brief appearance. I look forward to a vehicle that allows Kwon to shine in a feature role developed from his gifted repetoire.

Kim Chang-won also delivers a finely sober performance as the couple's doctor and indirect marriage counselor. Without moralizing a message upon the audience, A Day presents a moral quandry that, thankfully, leaves the decision up to the parties most directly effected.

While watching the film, I found myself referencing one of my favorite novels by my favorite Japanese writer, both of which will go unmentioned because such would risk revealing main aspects of the plot. Although very different works, particularly in their intended audience, A Day a popular drama and the book a major literary work, there is a similarity in the point of struggle.

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Whereas that book's little bird tells a tale of a man choosing an isolated struggle with his responsibility to act on life's random trials, A Day addresses the communal struggle of this couple while hinting at the professional quandries and societal constraints around them.

Considering how important that book is to me, perhaps that is why I was so touched by this film while having no reference points of comparison in my life of involuntary singlehood. Although not every director of melodramas has the patience of Hur, the economy of Kaurismaki, or both like Ozu, Han, for the most part, directs a compelling story of love surviving the trials and tribulations that life brings to us, reminding us the fantasy is always far from the reality.

And the strong performance by Ko which won the Grand Bell Award for Best Actress and wonderful supporting roles by Kwon and Kim keep this film from entering the histrionics and kitsch that all melodramas risk.

Although arguments could be made for more deserving directors of best of the year honors, Han's work in A Day definitely warranted the consideration and his winning of the Grand Bell for Best Director is one I can personally live with. Adam Hartzell Tears Garibong-dong is a district in Seoul which has become known for its population of homeless teens.

Set within this locale, Tears details the lives of four young runaways who, despite their differences, join together in an uneasy partnership.

Although Tears is director Im Sang-soo's second film, he was envisioning it in his mind years before the release of his debut feature Girls' Night Out In the mid-nineties, he developed an interest in the lives of homeless teens and decided to live among them for five months, trying to understand them and earn their trust.

Tears is based on this experience, and although certain dramatic elements of the plot are fictional, Im insists that most all of the situations and conversations are taken from real life.A Fine Balance [Rohinton Mistry] on kaja-net.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

With a compassionate realism and narrative sweep that recall the work of Charles Dickens, this magnificent novel captures all the cruelty and corruption/5(1K).

A fine balance: toward efficient merger review; A fine balance: toward efficient merger review. Obtaining information through Second Requests is an essential aspect of our review process for proposed acquisitions.

The challenge is to find a balance between our need for information to determine whether there is a potential law violation. A Fine Balance is his second novel, winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in Fiction, the Giller Prize, and the Commonwealth Writers Prize as well as a Booker Prize finalist.

Mistry is also the author of Swimming Lessons, a collection of short stories/5(). Hello IMBBians, I recently picked up a few transformer drops from Catrice and today’s review is about the last one from the lot.

Read on to know more about Catrice Prime and Fine Wake Up Effect Makeup Transformer Drops. Jun 23,  · A FINE BALANCE By Rohinton Mistry.

pp. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $ Those who continue to harp on the inevitable decline of the novel ought to hold off for a while. A Fine Balance is the second novel by Rohinton Mistry.

A fine balance review

Set in "an unidentified city" in India, initially in and later in during the turmoil of The Emergency.

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