Awareness and challenges of internet security

In order to lessen the incidence of crime in Nigeria, security awareness program must be developed. This has led the federal government to engaging on criminalization of terrorism by passing the Anti-Terrorism Act in into law, installation of Computer-based Closed Circuit Television cameras CCTV in some parts of the country, improvement of surveillance coupled with careful investigation of criminal related oences, heightening of physical security measures around the country aimed at preventing major attacks, strengthening of security agencies through the provision of security facilities and the development and broadcast of security tips in mass media. In spite of these serious attempts, the level of insecurity in the country remains very high. Furthermore, Nigeria has continued to rank low in the Global Peace Index GPI,signifying a very bad or high state of insecurity in the country.

Awareness and challenges of internet security

A special focus was placed on the critical pastoral situation.

Kids and smart devices (IS)

The RPCA meeting offered many opportunities for dialogue, informal exchanges and networking between Sahelian and West African leaders, and their technical and financial partners. Some participants, including six West African ministers and many high-level representatives, participated in the event.

Awareness and challenges of internet security

There are now 16 out of 36 Nigerian states, almost half of the country, that use this tool to analyse and identify areas and populations at risk of food and nutrition insecurity.

The magazine illustrates that resilience building is nothing new and that many resilience projects are already being implemented on the ground. Strong political will was key to make quick progress in the implementation of AGIR. More than half of identified priority projects are already financed.

Some partners explicitly aligned their country-specific programming with AGIR priorities, acknowledging the usefulness of the NRP document. The objective is to raise awareness about the success of the Network, which for 30 years has been engaged in the fight against food and nutrition insecurity in the Sahel and West Africa.Learn more, get involved and do your part to make the internet safer and more secure for everyone.

The theme for NCSAM is Our Shared Responsibility. Security Challenges of the Internet of Things The IoT's lack of standardized protocols and new traffic flows complicate administrators’ security efforts. Internet security is an important issue today. Corporate data are at risk when they are exposed to the Internet.

Current technologies provide a number of ways to secure data transmission and storage, including encryption, firewalls, and private networks.

IT Security ensures that an organization's material and software resources are used only for their intended purposes.

Sustainable Solutions

At ITD, security is a part of everything we do. There are many advantages the Internet brings to its users, but there are also many problems with the Internet security, especially when dealing with personal security, business security, and the government involvement to protect the users.

The Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C) works collaboratively with public, private, and international entities .

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