Carl zimmer science writer sagan

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Carl zimmer science writer sagan

See Article History Alternative Title: A popular and influential figure in the United States, he was controversial in scientific, political, and religious circles for his views on extraterrestrial intelligence, nuclear weaponsand religion.

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From to he was a fellow in astronomy at the University of CaliforniaBerkeley, and from to he worked at Harvard University and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

His early work focused on the physical conditions of the planetsespecially the atmospheres of Venus and Jupiter. During that time he became interested in the possibility of life beyond Earth and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETIa controversial research field he did much to advance.

For example, building on earlier work by American chemists Stanley Miller and Harold Ureyhe demonstrated that amino acids and nucleic acids —the building blocks of life—could be produced by exposing a mixture of simple chemicals to ultraviolet radiation.

He became a full professor there in He helped select the Mars landing sites for the Viking probes, and he codesigned the messages from Earth that were attached to the Pioneer and Voyager probes that were launched out of the solar system.

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Sagan remained at Cornell until his death from pneumoniaa complication of the bone-marrow disease myelodysplasia, at age Both an advocate for and a showman of science, he invested much of his career in improving public understanding of science and defending its rational nature.

An Extraterrestrial Perspective, which earned him prominence as a popular science writer. In Sagan cofounded the Planetary Society, an international nonprofit organization for space exploration. That same year he reached the height of his public fame with the television series Cosmos, which he wrote with his wife, Ann Druyan.

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The accompanying book, with the same title, became a best seller. It was followed by several other books, including the science-fiction novel Contactwhich in was made into a successful film, and Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space Sagan sometimes used his prestige for political purposes, as in his campaign for nuclear disarmament and his opposition to the Strategic Defense Initiative of U.

Sagan was also coauthor of The Cold and the Dark: The World After Nuclear War A tireless advocate of scientific rationality, he argued strongly against tendencies toward pseudoscience and occultism, most comprehensively in his last major book, The Demon-Haunted Worldsignificantly subtitled Science As a Candle in the Dark.

Although he denied that he was an atheist, Sagan expressed skepticism about conventional religion, which he wanted to replace with a scientifically based belief system.

In he was awarded the Public Welfare Medal by the National Academy of Sciencesbut he never succeeded in becoming a member of that prestigious academy.Carl Zimmer is one of the most insightful and trenchant science writers working today.

carl zimmer science writer sagan

Whether he is delving into the soul of the scientific revolution or exposing the precise horror of parasites. Carl Zimmer is an award-winning New York Times columnist and the author of 13 books about science.

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His newest book is She Has Her Mother’s Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity. 12 days ago · Carl Sagan was many things: astronomer, cosmologist, television personality, writer and science communicator. He was perhaps most famous for his popularization of science and inspiring a generation of young scientists.

Carl Zimmer (born ) is a popular science writer and blogger who has specialized in the topics of evolution and has authored many books and contributes science essays to publications such as The New York Times, Discover, and National Geographic.

carl zimmer science writer sagan

He is a fellow at Yale University's Morse College.. Zimmer describes his . [A Planet of Viruses] is packed with them, carefully assembled by another talented populariser, the science writer and Yale University lecturer Carl Zimmer."— Times Higher Education (Times Higher Education)4/5(97).

Watch video · tells you about Carl Sagan, a popular scientist known for his planetary research and interest in extraterrestrial intelligence.

Further Work With NASA and Fringe Science. The Born: Nov 09,

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