Disclosure project

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Disclosure project

Public Disclosure of Clinical Trial Results Reporting of Findings of Clinical Trials When researchers embark on a clinical trial, they make a commitment to conduct the trial and to report the findings in accordance with basic ethical principles.

This includes preserving the accuracy of the results and making both positive and negative results publicly available.

WHO | Public Disclosure of Clinical Trial Results

However, a significant proportion of healthcare research remains unpublished and, even when it is published, some researchers do not make all of their results available. Selective reporting, regardless of the reason for it, leads to an incomplete and potentially biased view of the trial and its results.

The WHO statement defines reporting timeframes, calls for results-reporting of older but still unpublished trials, and outlines steps to improve linkages between clinical trial registry entries and their published results.

Disclosure project

A public consultation process has been done previously on the original draft statement on public disclosure of clinical trials results and all the comments submitted were taken into consideration when the new statement was written.

These unreported trial results leave an incomplete and potentially misleading picture of the risks and benefits of vaccines, drugs and medical devices, and can lead to use of suboptimal or even harmful products.The Disclosure Project.

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Witness Testimony Briefing Documents. The CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) is an organisation based in the United Kingdom which supports companies and cities to disclose the environmental impact of major corporations.

It aims to make environmental reporting and risk management a business norm. Dr. Greer is the founder and director of the Disclosure Project and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. He is an emergency physician and member of AOA (Alpha Omega Alpha), the nation's most prestigious medical honor society.

CDP's water security program motivates companies to disclose and reduce their environmental impacts by using the power of investors and customers.

The data CDP collects helps influential decision makers to reduce risk, capitalize on opportunities and drive action towards a more sustainable world.

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