How significant was the turf fraud

It is an undisputed reality that some of these health insurance claims are fraudulent.

How significant was the turf fraud

How significant was the turf fraud

Artificial turf is being widely promoted as a cost-efficient, environmentally- and user-friendly product that can replace natural grass on sports fields and home lawn areas.

Unfortunately a large number of unsubstantiated claims are being made by promoters of the new-generation artificial turf products particularly those that incorporate ground rubber as part of their base. Claims made by many artificial promoters include some or all of the following: Artificial surfaces have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years.

Initial purchase and installation costs are quickly offset by the absence of on going, maintenance costs. Safety of the artificial playing surface is un-matched by natural turfgrass. Significant questions about the validity of these claims deserve answers.

How significant was the turf fraud

Of equal or greater concern are questions that typically will not arise during the normal artificial turf sales presentation process, in particular issues related to the health and safety of our children and serious threats to our environment.

These issues require answers. In a world where we all want the best for our children and where professional or even high school level coaches want the best for their athletes, we search for solutions that on the surface may seem the perfect answer. As experience has proven time and again, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is," is an adage worthy of contemplation when consideration is being given to constructing an artificial turf area.

While "fraud" is a highly charged word, some claims made by some artificial turf companies may fall within the legal definition of that term, while other claims may only be deceptive, over-statements, misstatements or misunderstandings. The issues raised by the following questions are intended to assist in the decision-making process by focusing on real and serious areas of concern.

A Private-Public Partnership Against Health Care Fraud

Insist on answers to these concerns. When decisions impact children or the environment, ignorance is no excuse, neither is falling under the guile of an agenda- or commission-driven salesperson.

Ground tire rubber is used in some artificial fields as an impact-softening base. The toxic content including heavy metals of tires prohibits their disposal in landfills or through ocean dumping.

Yet, this toxic material is being allowed in large quantities where children and professional athletes come into direct contact with it. Should the presence of potentially toxic ground rubber on a sports field or home lawn be a concern to decision-makers, athletes, coaches, spectators and parents?

For those firms who make claims of using shredded athletic shoes, what percentage of this type of rubber is being used if anyversus ground tire rubber?

How significant is the risk of fraud?

What are the short- and long-term health effects for athletes and spectators to the inhalation of the ground rubber dust?

What are the health concerns related to the ingestion of ground rubber particles that takes place from sliding face-first on the surface or dropping and re-inserting a particle-covered mouth-piece onto the field?


Temperatures on artificial fields have been documented to be upwards of For example, at one location, when the natural grass surface temperature was If watering artificial turf reduces the field temperature, what is the length of time the temperature is reduced, and by how many degrees?

Does the requirement to have a field-watering system negate some of the projected cost-savings of artificial turf? Although artificial fields are sold on a basis of being able to utilize the field 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, what outdoor temperature levels will cause the field to be closed because of potential health concerns to participants?

Similarly, what lesser temperatures will cause participants to be so uncomfortable as to not enjoy playing on the surface? Will the use of antiseptic cleaners properly sanitize the area?

How frequently must the field be sanitized? Do the sanitizing cleansers or the scrubbing process damage the artificial fibers and lessen the projected life expectancy of the product? How much time, equipment and manpower must be budgeted to ensure a reasonably sanitary playing surface?

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