Howard arkley studio arts unit 3 essay

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Howard arkley studio arts unit 3 essay

Designated assessment tasks are provided in the details for each unit. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority publishes an assessment handbook that includes advice on the assessment tasks and performance descriptors for assessment for Units 3 and 4. Teachers must develop courses that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement of outcomes.

Schools may report additional information on levels of achievement. Assessment of levels of achievement for these units will not be reported to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Schools may choose to report levels of achievement using grades, descriptive statements or other indicators.

To receive a study score, students must achieve two or more graded assessments and receive S for both Units 3 and 4. The study score is reported on a scale of 0—50; it is a measure of how well the student performed in relation to all others who took the study.

Percentage contributions to the study score in VCE Art are as follows: Analytical Frameworks The application of the Analytical Frameworks is a means of interpreting and analysing the meanings and messages of artworks. When the Analytical Frameworks are applied collectively to interpret and analyse an artwork, students learn to appreciate how an artwork may contain a number of different aspects and layers of meaning.

Throughout the study students develop their understanding and skills in using the Analytical Frameworks through the research of historical and contemporary artists from a variety of cultures.

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Symbolism is understood to be an integral part of all artworks, whether it is included by the artist or interpreted by the viewer.

For this reason it is studied as an element of each Analytical Framework. The Analytical Frameworks contain: The points below illustrate the questioning approach that students use to apply the Analytical Frameworks.

Students select the most relevant aspects of each Analytical Framework to consider when exploring and discussing each artwork. Students should consider the following questions: How have the formal elements of line, colour, tone, texture, shape, sound and form including focal point and space been applied by the artist and to what effect?

How do these qualities contribute to the meanings and messages of the work? What materials and techniques have been used? How do the materials used or the technical skills shape or afffect interpretation?

Is this due to inherent qualities of the materials or to their application by the artist? What are the distinctive stylistic qualities of the artwork and how do they contribute to meaning?

How does the work relate to other works in a similar style or from the same historical period or cultural background? What physical aspects or presentation of the artwork contain symbolic meaning and use of metaphor?

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This may include the use of formal art elements, the compositional arrangement of figures or objects, the medium or the technique used by the artist, the style in which it is created.

What visual evidence supports this reading? Has the artist used a specific process or practice in creating the artwork that may reflect their personal philosophy and ideas?

Howard arkley studio arts unit 3 essay

Cultural Framework The Cultural Framework is used to identify the influences on an artwork of the time, place, purpose, cultural and political settings in which it was made. These influences may include historical, political, social, socio-economic, religious contexts as well as aspects of ethnicity and gender.United States: Charlotte (Nc) Nagaoka, Japan; Cachoeiro De Itapemirim, Brazil; Bissau, Guinea-Bissau; Czestochowa, Poland.

Howard arkley studio arts unit 3 essay

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[This book has been shortlisted for the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Fiction.] From the publisher's page: On the outskirts of an Australian country town in the s, a lonely farmer trains his binoculars on a family of kookaburras that roost in a tree near his house.

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Australian artists Patricia Piccinini, Fiona Hall, Gordon Bennett, and Howard Arkley address some of these ideas from very different perspectives, influences, art forms, aesthetics, materials and techniques.

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