Itinerary examples business reports

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Itinerary examples business reports

These discussions help resolve cases quickly and efficiently, and enable officials at the facilities to take proactive measures to avert future complaints. We also received 15 complaints about youth custody facilities, down from 20 inwhich were referred to the appropriate officials.

These observational visits provided the Ombudsman and staff a chance to see the infrastructure and conditions of confinement at these institutions firsthand, and to speak directly with correctional staff, Ministry staff, and inmates.

Among the serious, systemic issues we have flagged to the Ministry in recent years are the use of force by correctional officers and the use and tracking of segregation placements of inmates.

In both cases, the Ombudsman launched formal investigations into these issues, and the Ministry accepted all of the resulting recommendations.

The new Correctional Services Transformation Act, itinerary examples business reports profoundly affect correctional services when it comes into force, particularly segregation placements.

More information about these matters can be found under Investigations. Medical issues Health care continues to be the most common type of complaint from inmates, representing more than half of the complaints we receive about correctional facilities.

Most relate to problems or delays in receiving medication or treatment, and lack of access to doctors or dental care. For example, an inmate who was scheduled to have his left foot amputated due to infection complained to us that the infection had spread to his upper leg and the correctional facility was not responding to his concerns.

After our staff made inquiries, the man was sent to hospital, where a doctor confirmed and treated the secondary infection.

itinerary examples business reports

A woman who had been on methadone prior to being incarcerated complained to us that the dose she was receiving in jail was too low. When we asked health care staff at the correctional facility to double-check her dose with her usual pharmacy, they confirmed they had made an error and corrected her dose.

We also helped an year-old inmate with diabetes who complained that his blood sugar levels were too high and health care staff at his correctional facility would not adjust his medication. Inmate-on-inmate assaults As we reported last year, the Ministry began handling incidents of inmates assaulting one another differently in December — directing facilities to complete a local investigation report whenever such an assault results in serious injury.

We received 64 complaints about inmate-on-inmate assaults this fiscal year, compared with 63 in We followed up on one case where a man was assaulted by his cellmate and had to be taken to hospital for injuries to his left eye.

As a result, the Ministry reminded all regional offices and facilities of their obligations to complete local investigation reports in accordance with policy requirements. Lockdowns A lockdown occurs when all inmates in a correctional unit, or even the entire facility, are confined to their cells.

During lockdowns, inmates are generally unable to use common areas, phones or showers, participate in programs, or receive visitors — and they can last for days or sometimes weeks.

Lockdowns are commonly the result of staff shortages, but can also occur for other reasons, such as security concerns or medical quarantine. We received complaints about lockdowns in — a significant number that reflects multiple complaints from inmates at the same facilities complaining at the same time.

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The facility was releasing small groups of inmates from lockdown in rotating shifts to protect their safety, while still giving all an opportunity to leave their cells. At another facility, many inmates complained about being on lockdown for five weeks.

Our staff made inquiries to ensure the lockdown was being tracked and reported as required; we were told it occurred initially because of a search for weapons, and then because of staff shortages. When we inquired with a facility where 37 inmates complained about lockdowns, overcrowding, infrequent bedding and clothing changes, overcrowding and bedbugs, facility staff confirmed that the lockdowns were due to staffing issues and searches, but that two visits by a pest control company had found no evidence of bedbugs.

Tracking of inmates in segregation Report: In Decemberthe Ombudsman launched a systemic investigation into the tracking of inmates who are placed in solitary confinement, officially known as segregation.

The Ministry accepted all 32 of his recommendations, including that it report back to our Office on its progress in implementing them.

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In Novemberthe Ministry reported that 4 recommendations were fully implemented, 12 were partially implemented, and 16 were in progress. Changes implemented to date include: Once it is in force, it will include a new definition of segregation, a cap on the length of segregation placements, and independent reviewers to scrutinize placements.

These included concerns about ensuring inmates can contact our Office by phone or email without interference, and about transitional provisions exempting some correctional facilities from the new segregation limits.

Our Office will monitor and report on the effect of these initiatives. We received such complaints this fiscal year, compared to in and the year before.

This was troubling in the case of one inmate who had been transferred between facilities 11 times, including several placements in closed confinement that had led him to two suicide attempts; instead of showing this pattern of transfers between institutions, the report erroneously showed all 19 of his segregation placements as being at one facility.

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