Leak in the pipeline essay

Walking the right of way is one of the many ways pipeline operators keep a close eye on the integrity of their pipelines. Small leaks cause a detectable change in pressure. Aircraft, including drones and helicopters, are used to monitor the right of way from above. Photo courtesy of Enbridge Pipelines.

Leak in the pipeline essay

Due to the extension of the Keystone Pipeline, TransCanada predicts that thousands of jobs will arise in order to construct the pipeline. As a result, TransCanada predicts that 20, direct andspin-off jobs will arise from construction of the pipeline.

Pipeline leak detection thesis

According to the Labor Network for Sustainability, over two million American construction workers are currently unemployed.

In actuality, that is roughly every 1 in 5 construction workers. If the TransCanada will truly be able to guarantee as many jobs as they said they would, unemployment rates will go down.

Granted, not all two million workers will be able to get a job, but a good portion of them will. Recently, TransCanada has been allowed to extend their pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas. TransCanada predicted that another 4, jobs should arise from the extension.

Workers are in desperate need of jobs.

Leak in the pipeline essay

The unemployment rate has been steadily increasing. The Keystone Pipeline offers working opportunities for Americans.

It is a definite fact that the pipeline will create jobs. The underlying questions, however, are how long the jobs will last and how many jobs will be available. Once construction of the pipeline has concluded, so will the jobs.

There would be no need to work on something that has already been finished. The amount of jobs TransCanada predicts to surface seems exaggerated. In fact, the U.

State Department predicted that the pipeline would only create 6, temporary jobs, at most. The number of jobs that will be available is definitely a less significant number than the 20, that TransCanada predicted.

The majority of the jobs were only temporary and low paying. A study done at Cornell University stated that the pipeline would even lead to a drop in the number of available jobs as there would be a reduced investment in the clean energy economy.

Construction of the XL pipeline will lead to available jobs for Americans, but these jobs will only be temporary. In such an economic crisis, a temporary job is not sufficient anymore.

The pipeline will not be able to produce the full time jobs that Americans are seeking.


There will be a need for workers once construction for the pipeline has commenced. But, once the pipeline has been completed, those workers will face going back to unemployment and having to start their quest for a job all over again.

At the current time the U. Our nation is heavily involved in overseas trade of oil. The hope of the pipeline is that it will reduce the dependency on the need for foreign oil since Canada will now be able to provide us with crude oil.

As an incentive to construct the pipeline, West also stated that Iran threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait is an oil passageway that is used on a global scale for the movement of oil. Without the passageway, our foreign oil imports would come to a halt and we would be left only with the oil that is found in our own soil.

In this scenario, our oil supplies would be halved. With gas prices already steadily increasing, the lack of oil will lead to a tremendous spike in gas prices. The Keystone XL pipeline would be able to move us away from overseas trade of oil.

If we do not receive this oil, then another nation will.Petronet, a leading company in South Africa which transports natural gas through underground pipelines conducted a random leak inspection survey on one of their pipelines operating from Johannesburg to Potchefstroom, and it was discovered that there was a gas leak at the specific joint.

Career Women Essays - Women in the STEM Fields My Account The leaky pipeline name is based off of the image attached to the phenomenon. Women and men travel along the pipeline as they move through their careers. However, along the way people 'leak out ' and do not progress. In the IT field it is much more common for women to leak out.

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1 August Leaky water pipes problem solved by Sheffield engineers. A leak detection system that can identify damaged water pipes swiftly and accurately has been developed by engineers at the University of Sheffield.

The issue with this is if there are any spills, if they have a leak that lasts even 15 minutes it will spill thousands of gallons of tar sand oil. We will write a custom essay sample on The Keystone XL Pipeline specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now. A major oil leak in , caused by a pipeline rupture, spilled an estimate of 4 million liters of crude oil into the surrounding environment of Kalamazoo River in the state of Michigan, United States; even the transportation secretary of the United States has publically stated Enbridge’s Kalamazoo spill as “absolutely unacceptable” (“Enbridge Comes Under fire” 14).

The North Dakota Oil Pipeline. Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! Topics in this paper Though, this has created this now concerning problem in the badlands of America where every day crude oil leaks out of poorly maintained pipelines.

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