Maldistribution in organizations essay

Brock and Allen Buchanan The American health care system is undergoing a rapid socioeconomic revolution. Within a general environment of heightening competition, the number of investor-owned for-profit hospitals has more than doubled in the past 10 years, while the number of independent proprietary.

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The numbers that are being predicted as shortfalls of health care providers may be exaggerated under many estimates or under-represented in others. The research found that these new models could have an impact on the projected shortages of primary care positions in certain circumstances.

It compares the status quo of current output trends around medicine with two new models that revolve around the medical home staffed by an interdisciplinary team, and a nurse managed health center.

Both models are shown through this study to impact the provision of health care in a positive way. Specifically, a shortage of primary care physicians given a number of possible forecasts. These solutions may be things to consider in looking toward the future trends associated with the outcomes of more insured individuals and the need for primary care services.

Throughout this paper the main points of how this analysis was conducted, and the major conclusions arrived at will be reviewed. The implications for future healthcare options will also be discussed.

It was an appealing article as it has real application for delivery of care in assisted living, home care and nursing homes for the aging long-term care population. The authors methodically reviewed areas of estimated provider supply and demand, estimated production functions, and surplus shortage analysis each using a number variations and scenario planning that could change the outcomes obtained.

They were able to use data, surveys and public literature reviews to access relevant studies and research on estimation and projections for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Current trends show an increasing number in the aging population and how alternatives are going to be needed to provide appropriate care in an expanding and complex long-term care system.

The financing moreover staffing of long-term will remain a major challenge. This level of care will only occur through good communication, technology, workforce supply, financial provisions and resources, as well as overhauls of regulations and the entire framework of the long-term care system.

This study noted that one of the critical issues is that the scope of practice laws, workforce supply and level of training as well as payment systems will have to change in order to be able to implement what the results of their analysis have shown.

However, it implies that alternatives are available to mitigate the impending shortages and surpluses in health care delivery. Major Conclusions The authors came up with three main points that support their overall conclusions.

Maldistribution in organizations essay

These points included confirming what other current forecasts have found. There will be large shortages across the nation in primary care physicians but surpluses of physician extenders or nurse practitioners. The second point that this analysis showed is there are marked differences in the reporting of supply and demand outcomes under different assumptions about how care is delivered.

Most models assume that the use of doctors in primary care will stay stagnant at the same level it has been for years into the future.

Maldistribution in organizations essay

The authors found the forecasted physician shortage noted of 20 percent, could be nearly eliminated with continued growth in the emerging medical home and nurse-managed health center models. Auerbach, Chen, Friedberg, Reid, Lau, Buerhaus Lastly, they found that their review and analysis of others work and data showed that medical homes and nurse-managed care centers could greatly impact some of the maldistribution projected the US will experience in the future.

These three points lead to the overall conclusions that there are models out there, if utilized in a creative way, that have the potential to change the projected shortage of primary care physicians and address the surplus of physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

Their conclusion is easy to embrace based on the readings of Shi and Singh around mal-distribution and the differences between the two. The proportion of active PCP has been declining since Shi and Singh With the ACA focus on prevention and health promotion a nurse practitioner may be easier to obtain, promote funding for, and achieve outcomes sooner than utilizing more physician assistants who are trained in a practice model that focuses on disease.

Shi and Singh Themes Relevance This work has implications for the future if looked at further, beta tested, and the outcomes analyzed in detail.

With the decline of primary care physicians, the rise in health care costs, and increased focus on quality and access, more providers training and offering services at a lower cost will help with overall supply and demand.

Ina 2 year initiative was developed to transform the nursing profession. Shi and Singh All recommendations increased the scope, level of professional education, and responsibility of nurses.

This, coupled with the fact that nurse practitioners focus on health promotion and function at a lower cost can help with the shortage of providers fast approaching.SAMPLE Introduction Inspiring employee motivation requires much more than the old-fashioned carrot-and-stick approach.

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