Medical uses of infrared photography cultural studies essay

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Medical uses of infrared photography cultural studies essay

It is a very effective imaging method since pigments become even more transparent than in the usual IR photography method.

This method can be realized with our Technical Photography kit. This method is useful only for art on translucent supports, such as paintings on canvas, drawings on paper and historical documents and manuscripts. The lamp providing IR radiation should face the back of the painting while the camera focus on the front.

The lamp should be shielded so that only the radiation through the canvas can reach the camera. Any other source of radiation in the examination room should be turned off to avoid diffused light actually diffused infrared. In same cases, could be worth to test the method changing the actual configuration and having the camera facing the back of the painting.

In general, the first setup is preferred because the drawing lines will appear sharper since the infrared will not be diffused by the canvas. IRT often provides better images compared to IR for detecting underdrawing, underpainting, pentimenti, or just the actual build-up technique of the painter to shape of the figures.

These pigments reflect a lot of the incoming infrared and, consequently, their hiding power is barely affected by infrared coming from the front. They will just reflect most of the IR and they will not produce contrast between the ground and the underdrawing.

When the infrared radiation comes from the back transmissionthe infrared can penetrate the paint and the underdrawing becomes apparent in the resulted IRT image.

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Pigments become more transparent with transmitted infrared. This figure shows also that the IRT image taken with the camera facing the actual paint shows a sharper underdrawing than the IRT image taken with the camera facing the back. Most of the pigments become more transparent with transmitted infrared.

The whites are the most relevant because even with infrared reflectography IRR they remain pretty opaque.

Medical uses of infrared photography cultural studies essay

But the same can be said for most of the other pigments, for example, the image shows azuriteorpimentgreen earthand vermilion. An example application on a mock-up painting containing historical pigments.

The mock-up had an extensive underdrawing, also with a number of changes. The drawing was eventually painted with historical and modern pigments.

Notice on the upper right side that the sky painted with azurite very opaque in IR photography become transparent in IRT. The dark border all over the painting in the IRT image is due to the frame.

An example of a real painting. IRT image reveals the thick sketches and changes. Pigments become more transparent with transmitted infrared and it is possible to observe the building up of the figures. It shows, for example, that the red drapery was added after the arm was sketched.Applications & Uses Ecology.

Ecologists often utilize infrared photography when completing aerial studies.

A aerial ecological survey used infrared film to produce accurate maps of the area’s benthic algae, shore line and drainage pattern. AFAM Intro to African American Studies This course provides an overview of African American history and culture. Topics include major events, persons, and issues spanning the period from the African heritage to contemporary times.

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