Reason behind a choice

Why does the U.

Reason behind a choice

October 29, The beautiful city of Tijuana, located in Baja California in Mexico, is one of the dominant cities in the country. The latest innovation in the country is the provision of a medical fast lane.

Medical tourists, especially those who need dental sergury, tend to go to Tijuana these days for the following reasons. Medical fast lane facilitates the movement of US medical tourists into the country The implementation of the medical fast lane was done in such a way that only dental tourist driving into the city from San Diego using a car with US plates can make use of it.

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However, the clinic where the medical procedure will be done has to provide the pass which would facilitate their movement across the border. Why Obesity Surgery Becomes a Necessity If You are Diagnosed with Diabetes Tijuana is ideal for Canadians and Americans looking for dental procedure The dental clinics located in Tijuana have a preferential treatment for international patients.

They are provided with the highest medical treatment standard that is comparable to those found in other regions of the world. American citizens, in particular, can be sure of getting dental works that are pocket-friendly and will save them great cost in comparison to doing the same treatment in their home country.

There are different routes you can take to Tijuana Tijuana has an airport which you can make use of to enter the city or you can decide to go by car — which is a cheaper means, most times.

If you depart from downtown San Diego, you should get to Tijuana in twenty minutes. If you feel like exercising, you can park your car close to the border and walk into the city.

Reason behind a choice

There is also the option of the city bus. Whichever you decide, the choice is yours to make.

Reason behind a choice

The Expansion of Dental Tourism Continues in Mexico January and February are the best months to visit the city If Tijuana is your choice for dental tourism, then you should try to make your journey fall in January or February because these months usually have clear weathers bearing in mind that Tijuana has a semi-arid cold weather.

This does not mean that medical tourists cannot visit the city at the time that best fits their schedule. Communication in Tijuana will not be an obstacle No doubt, the official language in the city is Spanish but the medical staff — in particular — and the majority of the locals are fluent in the English language which will make communication easy for International travelers.

Weight Loss can be Achieved through Specialized Surgery Currency exchangers are available at the borders There are cities in the world that do not allow the use of other currencies besides their local currency.

Tijuana is not one of them. US Dollars is widely accepted in the city irrespective of the fact that their local currency is the Peso. If you feel there is a need to change to the local currency, you can always find currency exchangers at the borders. If you intend to carry out a robust dental care, the best option to save money is to stay in Tijuana.

There are lots of procedures that can be carried out in Tijuana There is a wide range of options when it comes to a dental procedure in Tijuana. Procedures such as biological dentistry, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, endodontic as well as dental implants for crowns and veneers are available.Find industry contacts & talent representation.

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