Snowballing debt or valuable investment essay

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Snowballing debt or valuable investment essay

It is quite simply the clearest and most insightful essay I have ever read. And it is short. Now that is out of the way, this post is going to be an attack on the main thesis of that essay.

Snowballing debt or valuable investment essay

That aspiration is shared by pretty much everyone despite extremely diverse political persuasions and equally diverse conceptions of how to achieve it. He resigned in frustration with the realities of socialism — enough said.

He describes how in order to fight WWII an immense increase in production was mobilised using government deficit spending without any difficulty whatsoever in funding it all.

Where the essay gets really interesting is where he unpicks why such a system is generally only politically acceptable during times of war or under a Fascist regime he noted that the Nazis had full employment policies as soon as they took power.

He saw Fascism as something to be avoided by peaceful democratic countries beating them at their own game and extending war time deficit spending policies into peacetime. He also made astonishingly prophetic warnings about the troubles that might result.

In my opinion however Michal Kalecki failed to spot a crucial flaw in the system and that glitch is increasingly smothering our economy now. This need not, however, involve any disturbances in output and employment, if interest on the debt is financed by an annual capital tax.

The current income, after payment of capital tax, of some capitalists will be lower and of some higher than if the national debt had not increased, but their aggregate income will remain unaltered and their aggregate consumption will not be likely to change significantly.

Further, the inducement to invest in fixed capital is not affected by a capital tax because it is paid on any type of wealth. Whether an amount is held in cash or government securities or invested in building a factory, the same capital tax is paid on it and thus the comparative advantage is unchanged.

And if investment is financed by loans it is clearly not affected by a capital tax because if does not mean an increase in wealth of the investing entrepreneur. Thus neither capitalist consumption nor investment is affected by the rise in the national debt if interest on it is financed by an annual capital tax.

He is saying that merely the interest due on the debt needs to be. Clearly he believed that although an asset tax sufficient to pay the interest would not impede the economy for the reasons he givesan asset tax sufficient to balance the budget would or else would be politically unacceptable.

Presumably he envisioned that endless increases in the productivity of the economy would allow the interest payments for the ever larger debt to stay as a proportionately modest burden and so require an equally proportionately modest asset tax. The only change over time would be the stock of government debt securities held by investors.

Preface. This book is a short introduction to the basic principles of Buddhism: the Buddha, the Dhamma (his teachings), and Sangha (the community of his noble disciples), also known as the Triple Gem or the Triple Refuge. In with that amount snowballing to 30% by (Abraham, ). With numbers progressively going up each year, a lot have started asking why. They want to know where are the immigrants coming from and why are there so many of them that are allowed to come into the nation. Thus, so their argument goes, when a demographic bulge leaves fewer people of working age, tax revenue falls and government indebtedness tips over into unsustainability where interest repayments cause a snowballing debt crisis.

My argument is that that stock of government debt securities causes behavioural changes that derail the system. They are risk free financial assets 1. They enable people to save for the future and be certain of being able to draw down the full nominal amount irrespective of how the economy has performed in the interim.

If it were not for such risk free financial assets, the only way to provide for the future financially would be to provide for it in terms of maintaining enough productive capacity to meet that future claim.

As such, risk free financial assets disconnect finance from reality. Owners of the risk free financial assets become a constituency who own wealth that as it increases does nothing to increase or even maintain real world capacity to honour that financial claim.

Currently government securities are issued both as conventional bonds and as inflation protected index linked bonds and of course as cash. Such assets are most valuable when assets that depend on a productive economy are doing worst.

In the case of long dated bonds, such as the 50year gilts and 50year index linked gilts we have in the UK, even the prospect of the economy taking a nose dive causes a surge in their market value. In a deflationary depression 50year conventional gilts will make you a fortune whilst a stagflationary depression will do the same for holders of 50year index linked gilts.

Both asset classes plummet in price whenever an economic recovery seems likely.

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If it were not for risk free financial assets then everyone would be painfully aware that in order to preserve any of their wealth the economy would need to be productive.

As it stands many people are frankly complacent.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Credit Cards Essay; Credit Cards Essay. The Use and Abuse of Credit Cards. Essay Debt Credit card debt is one of this nation’s leading internal problems, and it has been for around the last decades.

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For first-time credit card users, student cards can be valuable tools. In with that amount snowballing to 30% by (Abraham, ). With numbers progressively going up each year, a lot have started asking why. They want to know where are the immigrants coming from and why are there so many of them that are allowed to come into the nation.

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While the decrease in the year s can be associated with the unification and the costs involved, that of , can be associated to the global recession that the world experienced then. An exploration of the nature and history of capitalism.

Global capitalism, colonies and Third-World economic realities.

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