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This video will give you an excellent introduction to the submission process, the publishing options available to you, and more Getting Started Your first step after your dissertation or thesis is approved is to set up your own profile in the Regent University EDT Administrator. Some items to have on hand: This must be a single file.

Submit thesis proquest

When creating your account, enter the email address you use most. If so, the email you receive will contain instructions for making these.

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Other methods of submission are available. A signed acceptance page. No proxy, electronic, copied, or other non-original signatures are permitted. If your original abstract is not in English, please also turn in an English version. If your abstract is longer than one page, submit all pages so that the complete abstract is submitted.

Dissertations sent to the university library are restricted from circulation but may be requested and viewed in the Wells library. By the final deadline for the month in which you wish your degree to be conferred, you must submit an invoice to the University Graduate School showing the binding has been ordered and paid for with the book to be delivered to the UGS office.

The invoice should list the UGS address as the shipping address if the student wishes the degree to be awarded before the bound copy has been printed and delivered. The shipping address to use is:The ETD Administrator will now default to having the dissertation and thesis metadata discoverable via Google and Google Scholar.

"The change in the ETD Administrator reflects ProQuest's effort to facilitate additional visibility for graduate scholarly works.".

Dissertation/Thesis Filing Checklist

Molecular & Cellular Toxicology (MCT) is owned and published by the Korean Society of Toxicogenomics and is published four times a year in a printed version. Its editorial policies are the responsibility of the editor, the associated editors, and the editorial board under the general authority of the publications committee and the council.

Submit thesis proquest

1. Advance to Candidacy and Apply to Graduate. Master's students must file an application for advancement to candidacy no later than the first day of the quarter in which they plan to graduate.

The master's application for candidacy is accessed through R'Grad.. It is expected that PhD students will have completed their oral qualifying exam and advanced to candidacy prior to filing the.

Read Forms & Instructions for Paper Submission of your Doctoral Dissertation or Master’s Thesis. Under this year’s Agreement Forms (United States), select this year’s ProQuest Dissertation Paper Submission Agreement or another option, as appropriate.

Submit thesis proquest

Complete and sign the ProQuest Publishing Agreement (p. 3 .

Dissertations - Submitting Your Dissertation or Thesis to ProQuest

Submitting Your Thesis, Fees, and Copies All students, except those pursuing an MFA degree, are required to submit their theses electronically via ProQuest. Below are instructions for both electronic and hard-copy submissions. $35, a year, in addition to the International Graduate Student Differential Fee associated with registration in 18 fee index units (or equivalent) in courses or thesis research during the Fall and Winter Terms, or in Thesis , if applicable, or with the annual program fee as determined by the date of admission to the doctoral program.

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