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Ja'mie had in the past sponsored 85 Sudanese children as part of a Global Vision program, however her motives were not due to concern for the children's welfare; Ja'mie saw it as a way of gaining approval and fame, as well as a chance to legitimately go on crash diets in the form of the 40 Hour Famine fundraising event every week. In the new series, Ja'mie is on an exchange program to Summer Heights High, a government school.

Summer heights high

Her manipulative character is reinforced when she manages to convince her new friends that the poster was meant as a joke and that they need to "get a sense of humour".


She makes several attempts to exclude Bec, who is of Singaporean descent, harasses Holly about her large breasts, Jess about her skin problems, and Kaitlyn for being a slow learner.

The Head of Senior School learns that the reason for this fundraiser is actually to fund the expensive formal.

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Mr G believes that he is an incredibly talented, well-liked teacher whose students share his intense passion for drama and performance. His narcissism places him in constant conflict with other staff members, and especially the principal. Mr G then quickly writes "Mr G: The Musical" and is forced to cast a boy with Down syndrome as the lead.

However, the musical goes off without a hitch, with Mr G providing the vocals. In reflection, Mr G expresses happiness that "Mr G: The Musical" was able to happen, and claims the project was salvaged due to his creative genius. It is later revealed that Celine survived the car crash, and life returns to normal for Mr G.

He shows all teachers a total lack of respect and constantly insults his classmates.

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He seems to be locked in the bitterest conflict with his English teacher, Miss Wheatley; the constant conflict between them puts him at serious risk for expulsion. His trademark insult to teachers is: His teacher is Ms Jan Palmer, who seems to understand Jonah better than the other teachers.

Although Jonah acts out in her class, they start to form a connection. His most-hated peer seems to be Keiran, a breakdancing rival in Year 7. Jonah bullies and fights him constantly.

Shortly, the next day after, Jonah is expelled.

Summer heights high

On the final day of term Jonah returns to Summer Heights High to read his story he made to Gumnut Cottage, where he claims that all Summer Heights High teachers are gay except for Ms Palmer, who is awesome.

He promises to read books every day back in Tonga.

Summer heights high

When he sees Keiran, his friends want to bully him but he refuses with "Why do you want to do that? As a final farewell, he places a mural-sized "DICK"tation on the roof closest to the school entrance, and we see him walking away with his friends for the last time, insulting a driver as he crosses the road and then further agitating that driver by breakdancing with Leon in the road.

According to Mr G, she can do simple maths by stomping her feet and jump through hoops at questionable heights, and she has modeled for commercials.

She comes to school with Mr G and stays in his office. Elida Brereton actually was a principal at Camberwell High Schooluntil the end of Rodney provides piano accompaniment for the school musicals.

Doug Peterson David Lennie — The student welfare officer who is determined to help Jonah and to keep him from getting expelled. Mr Peterson also runs the "Polynesian Pathways" course. Jonah sometimes refers to him as "Paedophile Pete". Together, they form a student representative council.A Google car captured one Maryland Heights neighborhood dipping into darkness during the total solar eclipse in August The Columbia Heights Educational Campus (CHEC), located on 16th and Irving Streets, Northwest DC is home to Bell Multicultural High School, Lincoln Multicultural Middle School and the Multicultural Career Intern Program.

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CHEC is dedicated to providing a . View and map all Houston, TX schools. Plus, compare or save schools. This page is a list of characters in the Australian television series Summer Heights High. What's it like to be an insider at a typical high school?

Find out in Season One of this hilarious, but brutally honest look at three characters--each played by writer/creator Chris Lilley--over the course of a semester at Summer Heights High.

The Alamo Heights Independent School District, the heart of our community whose passion is excellence, will educate and empower every student to excel academically and as a confident, compassionate citizen with impeccable character and a global perspective through engaging, personally challenging, and relevant experiences that inspire learning for life.

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