When is the best time to

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When is the best time to

Please see my disclosure policy for more information. Deciding what is the best time of year to travel to Europe for your holiday can be one of the hardest parts of the decision-making process, particularly for the first-time traveller.

Are you hoping to experience a white Christmas in Europe or the beautiful snowy scenes of a northern winter or would you prefer to travel when it's warmer and you can enjoy the longer daylight hours? Your response to this question should help you to decide when the best time to travel to Europe from Australia is for you.

Mid-December through to the end of February - and sometimes even into March - is definitely the best time to visit Europe for snow.

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Many markets open from late November until just after Christmas, with some trading until early January. Tour and cruise companies also tend to have a reduced number of itineraries on offer during the colder months, however train services still run frequently.

Tips for travelling to Europe in winter Christmas markets are a major reason for tourists to visit Europe in winter time. This one is in the Estonian capital, Tallinn. Pros and cons of travelling to Europe in summer During the European summer there's a pretty fair chance you'll enjoy some warm weather.

Southern countries like Spain, Italy and Greece and the south of France tend to have much higher temperatures than central and northern Europe, but there can be some surprises.

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August is usually the hottest month in Europe - I mostly travel in June and July but have experienced some really hot days during those months. If you are visiting one of the southern regions, temperatures can be stifling hot — so check in advance that your accommodation has air-conditioning. Timetables for ferries, lake cruises, cable car rides, etc are also generally expanded over the summer months.

I also find there's an air of vitality in Europe during summer - with window boxes bursting with colour, the freshest produce available at the markets, and Europeans out and about and enjoying the weather.

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During the summer months, motorways can also be extremely busy, particularly on weekends, as European holiday-makers head off on their annual break. Colourful flower boxes are at their blooming best during the European summer.

What about Autumn Fall and Spring? Autumn and Spring are popular times to travel for those who don't enjoy extreme temperatures. Early Autumn and Late Spring, in particular, can still offer warmish days without being either too hot or too cold so this is considered by many to be the best time to visit southern Europe.

No matter how carefully you plan, though, unseasonal weather can occur. Major flooding in Germany, Hungary and Poland in June caused havoc and upset lots of holiday plans, not to mention livelihoods. On the other hand, expected snow falls can fail to eventuate as early in the season as normal - your snowy Christmas might turn out to be more of a 'slushy' one!Tomatometer rankings of the top best TV shows of and all time.

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When is the best time to

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